Conversations For The End Of The World: IPF Trailer - 2017


When a Gamma Burst from a dying star threatens the Earth, seven similar people people ask themselves “What now?”…and get seven very different answers.

Digital Series - Proof Of Concept short written and produced by The Mind Refinery with assistance from Cogeco Development Fund

The Conversation:

The year is 2020. A gamma burst from the death of a nearby star is hurtling towards Earth, and we have a 30% chance of survival. Scientists estimate that we have roughly a year left before it reaches our solar system. As humanity collectively asks “What do we do now?” we follow seven public servants from The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and what they decide to do with, what could be, their last year on earth. Through the creators and the characters’ individual stories, the series will explore the human experience and our simple and ubiquitous desire to connect with one another.

Directed by Gordon Graham
Written by Justin Ball
Produced by Gordon Graham, Kyle Bodanis, Danielle Berger
Executive Producer: George Lagos
Director of Photography: Christer Harris
Production Design by Justin Ball
Edited by Mitch Boudreau

"JJ" Father - Rick Amsbury
"Chris" Son - Braydon Calvert
"Eva Parsons" News - Mary Elizabeth Willcott
"Connie Barstow" News - Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt

© 2017 The Mind Refinery Inc.

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