Kyle Bodanis
Partner | Creative Director | PRODUCER


The Good
Kyle’s films have been featured at Toronto’s Inside Out Film Festival, Montreal’s World Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and LA’s Outfest. He has worked in a variety of different environments including series television, web originals, short and feature film, feature documentary and branded content. He’s produced content for brands that include Universal Records, the University of Toronto, and Johnson and Johnson. His latest producing efforts include the short film “Inventing Time”, and his long form debut “Some Sort of Judas”.

The Bad
Enjoys explaining the cultural importance of Moneyball.

George Lagos


The Good
George brings over 20 years of telecommunications industry experience to the room.  His multimedia, CDN and Cloud Applications skills will greatly benefit our clients as all markets shift towards a video everywhere world.

The Bad
Thinks Steve Howe is a better guitarist than Jimmy Page. 


Richmond Obeng
Director | Editor | Writer


The Good
Richmond has recently completed his long form content, directorial debut “Some Sort of Judas”. His other efforts include content for the University of Toronto, Universal Music, and his award-winning PSA, “A Helping Hand”. He has worked across the production spectrum from Music Videos, to short film, to long form documentary.

The Bad
Is keenly aware that he never takes a bad picture.

Jon Neal
Director | Camera Operator | Editor

The Good
Jon’s films have been featured at the Montreal World Film Festival as well as Air Canada’s En Route Festival. He’s camera operated for SportsNet, the CBC, and most recently the feature documentary “Some Sort of Judas”.

The Bad
Jon knows entirely too much about Carl Sagan.

Andrew Van Eek

Van Eek 2nd.JPG

The Good
Andrew’s first film, Vorje, was an official selection at Hot Docs. Since then he has gone on to work in series television on shows including “Black Mirror” and “The Girlfriend Experience”, as well as feature documentary as production coordinator on “Some Sort of Judas”.

The bad
Is always ready to talk about the genius of Beastie Boys seminal masterpiece Paul’s Boutique.

Omar Morrison
Social Media Manager | Writer


The Good
Omar has managed social media in the non-profit and start-up sector. He is currently developing his first series “Project Postremo”.

The Bad
Knows exactly why DC is better than Marvel.

Gordon Graham
Producer | Director

The Good
Gordon has produced content for brands that include Much Music, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Bell Canada, Universal Music and Freshbooks. He has worked in a variety of different ecosystems including web and broadcast series, branded content and short films, with work featured at the Montreal World Film Festival and Air Canada’s En Route Film Festival. His latest producing efforts include the anthology web series “Conversations for the End of the World”.

The Bad
Is impressed by his own beard growing abilities.

Justin Ball
Communications Manager | Writer | Art Director

The Good
Justin has written content for web series, branded content, and short film. Latest efforts include the short film borrowed time, and the web series “Conversations for the End of the World”. He is currently writing his first feature.

The Bad
Is in his post-punk phase.

Courtney DeeLen
Producer | Director | Actor


The Good

Courtney Deelen has acted in projects across the content spectrum including commercials, short and feature film, and broadcast television. Her on screen credits include Murdoch Mysteries, 12 Monkeys, Reign and Becoming Burlesque. Behind the camera, she has produced a number of short films, and is currently working on her feature documentary debut, HERStory.

The Bad

Can whistle the entire theme to Golden Girls


Andrew Lanca
Cinematographer | Writer

The Good
Andrew has had cinematography featured at the Air Canada’s En Route Film Festival, The Montreal World Film Festival, and the Toronto Short Film Festival. He has worked in a variety of different ecosystems including branded content, feature and short film, and feature documentary.

The Bad
Spends entirely too much money at Fan Expo.

Tyler Little
Writer/On set swiss army knife


The Good
Tyler little has written content across several ecosystems including sketch comedy, web series, and branded content. His on set credits include “Some Sort of Judas” and “Inventing Time”.

The Bad Some say that he’s terrified of ducks, and that there’s an airport in Russia named after him. All we know is he’s called Tyler.

Bojan Nedic
Cinematographer | Writer


The Good
Bojan has experience in a variety of different ecosystems across the production spectrum including commercial, branded content, web and broadcast series, and feature documentary. His branded content efforts include work for Bell Canada, Bank of Montreal, CHUM FM while his broadcast credits include work for the CBC, PBS, and TVO. 

The Bad
Is way too down with Reddit.

Neil Campbell
MARKETING DIRECTOR | Production Designer | Writer

The Good
Neil is an OCAD graduate that has lead design teams for firms in Toronto and New York. His first forays into film include production design on the sci-fi short on borrowed time, and development his first series, CRISPR.

The Bad
Is way too good at Super Smash Bros.