About Us


Turning great ideas into great content

The hardest part of starting anything, is deciding what you’re going to call it. When we first started brainstorming company names, we were looking for something that best described how we approached what we do. We spent several hours a day and gallons of coffee playing with names, but nothing stuck.  Then, just as frustration was setting in, someone threw out the image of a refinery.  A refinery takes raw materials and puts them through a process that produces something valuable. That’s what WE do…we thoughtonly our raw materials aren’t a bunch of rocks. They’re ideas.

 We work with talented people to take all these great - but raw - ideas and develop them into something valuable. Something that people want to watch on the subway, share with friends, binge watch at home, or sit in a theatre and enjoy. The thread between all the different things we do is our passion for creating an environment where great ideas become great content.

 That’s why we call ourselves The Mind Refinery