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Plated S01E03

Southern Comforts and Northern Souls:

The Story of True True Diner

Featuring Chef/Author/Social Advocate Suzanne Barr

Last summer we were invited to capture one of Toronto's premiere chefs, Suzanne Barr, and her business partner/husband Johnnie Karas, create their latest restaurant True True Diner. Yet over the course of that year, what started as a deep dive into the mind of a culinary innovator turned into something very different as the global pandemic set in. What we witnessed was the rise and fall of a restaurant that challenged industry orthodoxy only to succumb to its worst elements, igniting a debate over race, class, and the dynamics of power. This is the story of True True Diner.

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The stories found in Plated aren’t glossy, food television features or fodder for lifestyle television. They are raw, stripped down, but stylish stories of individuals and ideas that challenge the orthodoxy of a city’s restaurant culture.

If Chef’s Table is opera, Plated is punk.

Directed by Kyle Bodanis

Produced by George Lagos

Cinematography by Jon Neal, Andrew Lanca and Bojan Nedic

Plated S01E02

From Cairo with Love

Featuring the family behind Maha's Egyptian Brunch

When Maha Barsoom and her children Monika and Mark first opened their family restaurant, the goal was to transport their guests to their homeland, Egypt. The result was Maha's, a truly original take on brunch, fuelled by unique dishes that are as much inspired as they are delicious. Maha's: From Cairo with Love is a tale of a family working together to bring the place that shaped who they are to the masses, one bite at a time. Plated is a series that explores the personalities and ideas that make up a city's culinary scene.

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Plated S01E01

Soul Food goes Punk

Featuring the family behind Three Hands

In our new series about the individuals and ideas that make up Toronto's thriving culinary scene, Torrie, Taryn, and Cindy Wilson overcome tragedy to open Three Hands, a late night staple on Dundas West. This is PLATED.


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