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Kevin Williams and Mark Moore grew up in The Jungle, the violent neighbourhood of Lawrence Heights, sandwiched between a busy urban freeway and a high-end shopping mall. 

They started as childhood friends and became two ambitious, young hustlers. Kevin was striving for hip-hop glory. Mark was more bluster than talent. Kevin had a way with women. Mark had a way with guns.

Growing up they knew one truth – talking to the cops can get you killed.

In the fall of 2010, Kevin witnessed Moore gun down Courthney Facey and Mike James, two innocent teenagers. The murders were part of a killing spree that would see four men die at the muzzle of Moore’s 9mm. In the following year, Williams would commit cardinal sin and become a star witness in the crowns case against Moore. While Kevin’s testimony would help put Toronto’s only bona fide serial killer behind bars, the man known as Mayhem, had now turned Judas. For his crimes against the streets that raised him, he became a marked man, forced into protective custody.


From exile in an unnamed location, Kevin Williams unspools a complex story of betrayal; betrayal between friends, community, and by the institutions that are supposed to keep the peace.

Directed by Richmond Obeng

Produced by Kyle Bodanis, Jason Miller, Michael Hannan, Roxana Spicer

Cinematography by Jon M. Tran


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