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This is Cosplay S01E02

The Subtle Art of Becoming Someone Else

Featuring Cosplayer Kin Chan

Masks. Armour. Weapons. These are the tools of Kin Chan, co-founder of Wanpans Armoury. For him cosplay is immersive. It's not about dressing up like a character, it’s about becoming a character. The performance. Being someone other than yourself. In Episode 2 of "This is Cosplay", we explore the world of the Wanpans.

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This is Cosplay logo Mind Refinery

Cosplay is different things to different people. Art. Expression. Therapy. It’s a way to combat misogyny in nerd culture, a way to combat loneliness, and for some, a way to pay the bills. Cosplay – “costume play” – has gone from a niche hobby popularized in Japan to a new kind of pop art that influences fashion designers, draws millions on social media, and packs hundreds of thousands into conventions across the planet.

‘This is Cosplay’ will explore the characters, events, and issues that frame the world of cosplay, while celebrating those who represent the passions of an entire community.

Directed by Kyle Bodanis

Produced by George Lagos

Cinematography by Jon Neal, Andrew Lanca and Bojan Nedic

This is Cosplay S01E01

Randi & Troy Do Anime North

Featuring one of Toronto-area's most popular cosplay couples

Almost a decade ago Randi had one of her first cosplay experience at Anime North. From that very formative moment, she was hooked. Now years later she and her partner/cosplay kindred spirit Troy, make the annual pilgrimage to one of the places that started it all.

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